YAYASAN BALI HIJAU LESTARI aims to coordinate and foster the reforestation and conservation activities, in order to develop Human Resources who cares about the order of resources and environmental quality.


Reforestation 2010

On the next months until February 2010, as much as 6.000 trees has been planted.
Below is the list of particular tree that we planted :
a. Gmelina : 1.550 trees
b. Ampupu : 2.950 trees
c. Kemiri : 50 trees

Reforestation 2009 – 2010

On rainy season 2009 – 2010, reforestation has been conducted, through Reforestation Festival.
on 1 November 2010 “World Peace Festival Reboisasi in Bali 2009″ is conducted, the participant of the festival was about to 500 volunteer.

Plant Condition Reforestation 2007 – 2008

Until March 2009, Yayasan Bali Hijau Lestari (YBHL) in cooperation with NPO Asian Green Forest Network (AGFN) Japan have been performed reforestation in Kintamani conservation forest.
The reforestation program has planted over 10.840 trees. The treatment activities have been conducted over the rainy season in 2009, new trees were planted to replace the dead trees, and
fertilizer also given to stimulate the growth of the tree, the fertilizer that we use is NPK Phonska as much as 600 kg.